Evolution, not revolution!

Aug 11, 2020 | Mental Health

Hey everyone

Firstly and most importantly, I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe & well right now.

Following my July article (Stepping out into the light of a brand new day) – things have continued to positively progress, personally and professionally.

I’ve spent less time on the business, taking more midweek getaways to the coast path – yet had the best month of the year!

Quality over quantity.

I don’t say that as a boast – I say it because sometimes we have to fight everything in us to take a step back, to check our intentions, find a new way or just to have a ‘sanity check’!

Only then can we see the bigger picture.

Taking more time to recharge, greater focus on home life, more recovery time than ever before.

Plus, Tula’s happy we are taking her to the beach more – loves a beach, that one! 🐶

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When I looked back at the changes that I have implemented to achieve this continued progress – I realised that none of those things had a massive instant impact.

But over time, the things that I now do every single day…

  • Sleep regulation (set times)
  • Healthy eating
  • Walking
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Balance
  • Review

…just 5 weeks later have had massive results – boundless energy, increased resilience and confidence and amazing peace of mind.

But when I started those changes, I wasn’t feeling them – at all – it would’ve been easy to give up, to dismiss them as ‘not working” and especially let imposter syndrome back in.

I persevered. 

When I felt ‘bad’ – I did my daily self-care routine.  

When I felt ‘good’ – I did my daily self-care routine.

It’s those daily, consistent, incremental changes – those marginal gains – that really have the biggest impact – even if we cannot see it straight away.

When done with positive intention, in ‘flow’ and with belief – it’s how we go into each and every day that ultimately defines our ‘success’ by our own definition of the term.

‘Evolution, not revolution.’  

I love that! It’s become one of my key mantras.

For me, it helps me realise that even when we make mistakes, when ‘bad’ stuff happens or we face life’s adversities – it doesn’t have to define us as a whole – it doesn’t have to overwhelm or disconnect us.

We stop, we review, we learn and we evolve – then, we go again!

We start to see the lessons in our challenges without it having to hold us back from maintaining ‘choice’ each and every day.

What do I mean by ‘choice’?

When we struggle with Mental Health, with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, high sensitivity, rumination or if we are generally not feeling life right now – ‘choice’ is the first thing we sacrifice.

We believe we don’t have enough courage, confidence and conviction in ourselves to choose how we go into each and every day.

When actually, ‘choice’ is the only thing we do have!

We cannot control the uncontrollable, the pursuit of doing so will only create extra anxiety – so all we are left with is how we proactively go into each and every day – choice.

I have become so passionate about this subject having recently experienced this huge shift myself – I have dedicated Season 2 of my #2minutetopics series of videos to this – starting today with Episode 1 – Walking.

In fact, as a connection here on LinkedIn – you can get a sneak preview of next week’s video Episode 2 – Meditation!

To roll out that overused aeroplane adage – we have to put our oxygen masks on first to be able to help everyone else.

By developing a connection with myself which is stronger now than I’ve ever had – I am re-ignited to help as many people as I can in what I do – as well as continuing to evolve myself.

To keep me in that state, the ‘marginal gains’ are here to stay!

So, wrapping up – let me ask you;

  • What BIG thing do you want to achieve?
  • What small thing can you do every single day to push you towards that goal?
  • What’s stopping you?

Usually, it’s us – I didn’t realise this until I moved out of my own way!

As I say to my audiences ‘we have all the answers, we just don’t ask ourselves the right questions!’ – I’ve finally started listening to my own advice!

(Also, if you are after a feel-good movie to watch right now – rent ‘Dare To Dream’ – based on ‘The Secret’ – really uplifting movie reinforcing some of the messages I share with you – I loved it!)

Until next time…


Nick 🧢

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